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The Future of Blockchain

A technology-first approach to payments and finance

Improving platform
Improving platform

The Vaionex team is fully committed to extending feature functionality on a daily basis, with sometimes multiple commits per day.

Battle-tested reliability
Battle-tested reliability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. Relysia is certified to the highest compliance standards.

No Transaction Fees
No Transaction Fees

Our systems automatically add transaction fees to your transactions. We believe it is an essential feature to simplify blockchain adoption.

Designed for developers

Powerful and

We learned from developing 13 platforms over the year a lot about efficient blockchain-based systems. The API is our abstraction of all relevant BSV functionality that can be implemented in any system.

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Tools for every stack

We offer client and server libraries in JavaScript and soon multiple other languages.

Prebuilt integrations

We are about to launch a variety of pre-build integrations to simplify blockchain development.

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global scale

A complete Bitcoin Wallet, engineered adoption and growth

Flexible Invoicing

Flexible Invoicing

We support both BSV and Tokens interoperably for payment invoices.

Third-party Integrations

Third-party Integrations

Relysia is a scalable Bitcoin SV wallet infrastructure system for developers.



Our wallet is available for iOS, Android, and as PWA on Windows and macOS.

Peer to Peer

Peer to Peer

We believe in the scalability of p2p payments and natively integrate with them.

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pricing plans


We offer a variety of blockchain-based services free of cost and extended services such as dedicated and exchange endpoints for affordable monthly rates.