Relysia Offers Supabase Integration: An Advanced Alternative to Firebase


Relysia is proud to announce the integration of Supabase as a dynamic alternative to Firebase. This integration is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the most efficient, flexible, and cutting-edge technology solutions. Supabase, with its unique set of features, stands out as a particularly powerful tool for blockchain applications.

Supabase vs. Firebase: A Comprehensive Comparison

While both Supabase and Firebase offer robust solutions for building web and mobile applications, they differ significantly in terms of functionality and flexibility. Let’s explore how Supabase’s features give it an edge over Firebase, making it an ideal choice for Relysia’s clients:

Open-Source and Self-Hosting

Supabase’s open-source nature allows our clients to modify and adapt the platform to their specific needs. The ability to self-host provides complete control over the infrastructure, which can lead to cost reductions and enhanced security—a vital aspect for blockchain applications.

PostgreSQL: A Powerful Database Engine

Supabase uses PostgreSQL, renowned for its advanced relational database capabilities. Features like table joins, window functions, and stored procedures are essential for managing complex queries and data relationships in blockchain technology. This is a significant advantage over Firebase’s NoSQL database.

Direct SQL Support

The ability to use SQL directly for database operations offers a familiar and flexible approach for developers. This flexibility is crucial for blockchain applications, where precision and control over data are paramount.

Realtime Capabilities

Supabase provides built-in real-time capabilities for database tables without the need for additional setup. This is particularly beneficial for blockchain applications, where real-time data synchronization is often crucial.

Reduced Vendor Lock-in

With Supabase’s reliance on standardized technologies like PostgreSQL and RESTful APIs, our clients experience less vendor lock-in compared to Firebase. This flexibility is key for adapting to the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

Enhanced Database Management

Supabase’s support for database migrations and version control is invaluable for managing database schema changes over time, ensuring consistent evolution and maintenance of blockchain applications.

Familiar Database Features

PostgreSQL’s traditional database features, such as robust indexing, constraints, and foreign keys, are particularly advantageous for developers experienced in relational databases, offering a more nuanced and controlled approach to data management.

Customizable Authentication Flows

Supabase’s flexibility in customizing authentication flows allows our clients to implement tailored security measures, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of blockchain applications.


By offering Supabase as an alternative to Firebase, Relysia empowers its clients with a more tailored, flexible, and advanced solution for their blockchain application needs. The unique features of Supabase, combined with its open-source nature and powerful PostgreSQL database, make it an excellent choice for those seeking a robust and adaptable platform for their blockchain projects. With Supabase, Relysia continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge solutions in the blockchain industry.

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